Since 9/11 our supposedly safe Western World suffered many horrid terrorist attacks. Over the last 15 years our community has been targeted in many varied and cruel ways.

The spillover effect of the conflicts in the Middle Eastern countries imported new terrorist threats and a general feeling of insecurity.

However these terrorist actions are now mainly religiously inspired, Europe has a history of more political driven terrorism (IRA, ETA, CCC,…).

Therefore it is not unthinkable that other political, economic and even ecological reasons can also set off more terrorists attacks

Anti-Terrorism services- A.T.A.C.T.

Facts About Our Anti-Terrorism Services

It is a fact, that our anti-terrorism services are performing on a very high level and adapting as well as possible to the changing techniques of our opponents.

Every employer should provide anti-terrorism training to their employees.

Every individual can support the anti-terrorism measures by being more aware and by learning how to LOOK-LINK and THINK.