About Us

About A.T.A.C.T.

A.T.A.C.T. was founded by two military officers, still on active duty, with more than 25 years of field experience in military anti-terrorism operations, counter IED training and various other specialties (explosive ordnance reconnaissance, weapon intelligence team …).

After conducting security operations in conflict zones such as Kosovo, Central Africa, Afghanistan and Lebanon we now face a different kind of threat that has been disturbing our lives. Therefore we developed a method to increase your security through awareness, consultancy and training.

For security reasons we will not publish our detailed procedures on this website.

If you send us a mail ( link to contact form ) with your name and email, we will send you our references.

Our Vision

A.T.A.C.T. is an official company convinced of the necessity to improve awareness to all (specialized or non-specialized) of the new kind of threats in our seemingly safe Western world.

Convinced that our awareness package represents an added value to the sense of security in our daily life, we created an interactive briefing to teach everybody how to react before, during and after an attack of any kind.


A.T.A.C.T. is a trustworthy consulting partner for all your security issues.


We understand this new need has been evoked by the many horrific attacks that our community has suffered over the last years.

Religious and cultural polarization has led to extremism in all its forms, with several attacks close to our homes as a climax.

We at A.T.A.C.T are convinced that every civilian can contribute some anti-terrorism measures, just by learning how to look differently around us in daily life. By adapting a few things in our normal behavior, it is possible to detect suspicious indicators, prevent severe attacks and save lives.

In order to continue living our lives we can’t be dictated by fear. Therefore being aware is indispensable for us and for our children.

Our Mission

A.T.A.C.T.’s  ambition is to conduct awareness briefings and organize interactive training sessions, based on real-life experiences and basic reactions.

A.T.A.C.T. can offer consultancy in infrastructural security audits.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in all different professional and private sectors. Our potential clients are civilian employees in private companies, supra national organizations, governmental services, hospitals, universities, organizers of big events (festivals, sports events,…) and all other relevant firms.

We also want to offer our services to security agencies and establish enriching relations with other branches in the world of security.

Our ultimate goal is to make everybody aware of the ‘new’ threat in our lives and to stay safe with a healthy balance between paranoia and a false sense of security.

Are you prepared for a terrorist attack?

Consult our services for a detailed evaluation of your company.